szeachan bean pork, lights out good
Sesame Inn is always a great place to eat
Always great food
The order was correct and the Beyond Menu app was great. Food was just okay - half of us liked and half did not. Fried rice was bland. Sesame and orange chicken dishes were mushy. Pad sie ew was great as was pan fried noodles. Chicken chow mein wasn't good and abandoned after a few bites. Egg rolls were the worst of what we ordered - how is it possible that they are grainy or sandy?
Food was fantastic! Wanted more. Only drawback was their menu. Wasn’t completely listed on BeyondMenu. Not completely listed being, several instances of descriptions being incomplete (as compared to their printed menu). Several instances where there should be a price for the menu item. Instead there was text copy that stated “Market Price” followed by “0.00.” I now understand, these issues isn’t the fault of the establishment. When I was waiting for my order, I informed the lady who appeared to be the owner (in action and speech) of the problem with the online menu in the BeyondMenu app. She was surprised! She asked me to show her on my phone. I launched the app. Went to Sesame Inn. (It’s saved as a favorite.) And showed her the menu. I observed her taking notes. Marking a number of specific menu items that were incomplete. She was displeased, having to pay for this service (as a business owner, I infer), and a lot of her menu items not being completely listed and without their prices. I’d be displeased, too. However, I like SESAME INN. I like the people. I like her (the owner I assume). I like the environment in the restaurant. Its decor. Its mood. It’s modern and cozy. I’ll definitely be ordering from here again. Especially after having my interaction with the lady I believe is the owner. She’s a sweetheart.
Any questions please call us.